Amazing Charts EHR


“During my free trial, I charted a few patients in both Amazing Charts and my previous EHR to see how they compared. Hands down Amazing Charts was simpler, faster, and more efficient."  — Galen Chock, MD




About Sponsorship

IMPCenter.org is growing and we’ve picked up 68 great new IMPs in the last 6 months. Like your practice, IMP runs lean--with minimal staff and primarily volunteer work by your Board, and skillful use of technology to streamline the work. But just like your practice, we do have overhead, and until we grow a bit further, membership dues aren’t enough to cover expenses. So, we’ve started reaching out for sponsorship/advertising arrangements. Our first sponsorship message has begun appearing in the newsletter, and sponsorship messages will appear on this page. We’re grateful to our sponsors for helping IMP keep the lights on for small practices everywhere. Looking for reviews and recommendations on other IMP-friendly business partners? Check back on this threadQuestions or concerns about sponsorship? Email us, or weigh in on the Forum.