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"Dr. Greg" started Ideal Family Healthcare in Colorado in 2004 as a job-share with wife. They met in Med School at Wash U in St. Louis and later trained in Family Medicine at Univ of MO-Columbia. Greg founded two companies in 2014 (a nonprofit and a public benefit corporation) focused on a marketplace and information model for healthcare to provide healthy incentives for patients, providers and communities to be well. Much of the knowledge that has gone into this new model (Agyra) is the fruit of his life and work as an Ideal Medical Practices pioneer. Greg served as Treasurer of Ideal Medical Practices until 2016 and hosted IMP Camp 2015 in Manitou Springs, CO.

Certified IMP Provider

I certify I am a provider in a small independent clinic striving to provide high quality medicine, stay current in medical science, and follow current guidelines of care within the context of my individual patients; and I am interested in collaborating with other small independents to continually improve my practice and promote the small independent clinic model.