Marie Amina Aryan, NP-C

Empathetic Family Healthcare clinic

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Empathetic Family Healthcare clinic


I have a passion and respect for good quality primary care. I started out as a CNA at age 15, then became a RN/worked in ICU (primarily cardiac) for 14 years. I subsequently become a FNP, and truly enjoy my job (on most days)!
I want to be part of the solution to a better way of providing care-and was thrilled to hear about IMP. I speak Dari, a dialect of Farsi (in case anyone in the Lakewood Colorado area has Afghan or Iranian patients-I would be happy to see them). I do non-combat kickboxing (me versus bag) for my well being and sanity. Married with kids.

Certified IMP Provider

I certify I am a provider in a small independent clinic striving to provide high quality medicine, stay current in medical science, and follow current guidelines of care within the context of my individual patients; and I am interested in collaborating with other small independents to continually improve my practice and promote the small independent clinic model.