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I have joined the Board of IMP because it has been very helpful to me in moving my practice to a place I find a find fulfilling and financially stable. IMP provides like minded physicians and others, an opportunity for sharing ideas and best practices and camaraderie. We all know primary care is undervalued in the current healthcare / insurance system. I appreciate the vision and advocacy work of the core founders and feel it is time to do my part.

I am a solo independent Family Physician in the Hudson Valley of Upstate New York.. Now, after 32 years, I have many warm long term relationships and still enjoy being involved in my patients care, and helping them thru a very complex healthcare system.  We stress continuity, follow up, and more recently, email communication.  

It has taken time, mistakes and lessons learned. We accept several insurances, including Medicare. All doctor visits are scheduled for 30 minutes. That leaves enough time for unhurried relationship building visits and room for acute squeeze in or add on appointments.

By stressing followup, doing labs prior to visits, I strive to meet my patients needs in the exam room.  I have very few after hours calls.  Email between visits and reimbursement for CCM has been a big help.   

I have learned to code appropriately, keep overhead low, and to bill a modest amount for so many of the services that we provide outside the exam room and in between visits, such as forms completion, phone and email access, telephone or email prescription refill requests, care management, etc. Patients value and respect my time and I strive to value their time and resources and meet their heath care needs.

Balance in life is important. My office is two miles from my house. I start at 830 and am home by 4 to 5 PM. Our two children are grown, and that leaves time for 4 to 6 weeks vacation a year and my current hobbies of gardening and biking, and a little travel. None of this would be possible without pleasant and dedicated employees, and a coverage group of fellow MDs and NPs to support each other when our offices are closed.

IMP has been very helpful to me and I feel it can assist others who want an alternative to large corporate medical practice. But frankly, for the organization to continue to thrive, and to be there for you, it needs your support as well.

Certified IMP Provider

I certify I am a provider in a small independent clinic striving to provide high quality medicine, stay current in medical science, and follow current guidelines of care within the context of my individual patients; and I am interested in collaborating with other small independents to continually improve my practice and promote the small independent clinic model.