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1.  QLiance is closing up

Posted 05-18-2017 04:36
I was surprised to hear that Qliance is closing. A couple of questions:
1) For those in the Seattle area. What do you know? Was it just their overhead was too high? Perhaps their annual rate too high? Just mismanagement of funds from an administrative perspective?
2) For those doing/contemplating DPC, does it give you guys pause at all?
I ask because it seemed like Qliance had it all. To hear them talk, they were achieving the quadruple aim of lower patient cost, high patient satisfaction, high quality care and high physician satisfaction. But maybe they were just good at marketing their model to the rest of the nation. I certainly have contemplated adding some DPC components to my practice and I would love to know more about why their model failed (if there is some common knowledge).

John Brady
The Village Doctor
Newport News VA

2.  RE: QLiance is closing up

Posted 05-18-2017 10:27
Those of us out here in Seattle have known Qliance has been struggling. Erika Bliss though isn't one to tell a full story.
The docs I know who work for Qliance have not been getting paychecks off and on for a bit now.
They knew it was failing but I don't think the working docs know the full story either.
It would be great if Erika could/ would be willing to share what happened as certainly they have been a model of DPC touted by the AAFP for awhile now.  It could help us all learn to understand the real story.  I know some IMP folks have connections with Garrison Bliss- he might be a better person to try to understand the full story.

On the note of big names failing,  I think everyone also aware that Group Health here in Seattle recently sold themselves to Kaiser Permanente of CA for financial problems.  They were not making it on their own. And of course Group Health was written up as and has been held up as the model for PCMH.  But it remains unclear if it was a financially sustainable system for them.

My friends who work at Group Health (now KP) love it and believe it truly is a sustainable and workable model.  And so we'll see with KP, maybe prior Group Health woes were only the result of mismanagement and not a health care system issue.

I'm most interested to see what the public story will be and how it all unfolds.
It is all pretty unfortunate on many levels.

Melissa Weakland MD
Ballard Neighborhood Doctors
Seattle WA
IMP since 2007

3.  RE: QLiance is closing up

Posted 05-24-2017 00:45

This article says the SUDDEN closure is because their lender pulled $200,000 out of their bank account, but they should have been able to survive on $59-99/month, unless they got adverse risk distribution?  Very possible.
If only higher risk/higher cost people signed up, and their fee isn't risk adjusted, that would cause trouble.

A sad occurrence, in any account- the DID look like they were doing it all right and were 'the ones to beat.'

I'm sure we'll hear more as time goes on.

One issue- Bliss and the CEO bought out the investors- that may mean they had a huge debt burden and therefore high costs.  The venture capitalists may have been the death of it?

Peter Liepmann MD FAAFP MBA
My mission is to fix US health care
Bakersfield CA

4.  RE: QLiance is closing up

Posted 06-11-2017 20:43
I know they had some risk-based contracts with Medicaid.  Perhaps that didn't turn out too well.  At the DPC conference in St. Louis a couple years ago they were saying the initial returns were good.  Too bad.

Michael Barron
Barron Family Medicine
University City MO