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Innovation (survival) in primary care-telehealth/DPC

  • 1.  Innovation (survival) in primary care-telehealth/DPC

    Posted 7 days ago
    HI all
    I'm primary care doc in a 3 provider/ 3 admin staff LGBTQ practice in Seattle. We have high overhead (in downtown Seattle,) are very busy/practice is closed to new patients, and have limited Medicare/Medicaid panels.  The issues we're having is similar to what many of you are facing--very long days with increasingly high admin burden for less money and increasing expenses.  Also increasingly, our patients with commercial insurance are limited to networks where they can only be seen within large medical institutions. I'm worried this is the trend and if this gets worse we will lose a large number of patients.  We can't survive on Medicare/Medicaid alone due to our high overhead.

    I'm starting to think we need to make some changes and wondering about offering telemedicine visits and/or trying a DPC hybrid where we we continue to bill insurance but can offer a DPC option for our patients who can no longer see us due to insurance limited networks.  I see a lot of transgender patients and it is very distressing for them to lose their doc and have to find a new provider in a large system.  It would be great to find a way where they can continue to see me.

    I've read previous IMP threads on this but otherwise just getting started. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice in terms of good resources on telehealth or DPC?  Also wondering if anyone out there is doing a DPC and insurance hybrid (or if this by nature is a violation of insurance contracts.)
    Jessica Rongitsch

    Jessica Rongitsch, MD, FACP
    Capitol Hill Medical
    Seattle, WA

  • 2.  RE: Innovation (survival) in primary care-telehealth/DPC

    Posted 6 days ago

    HI Dr. Rongitsch,


    Happy to help answer any questions about DPC.  I started my dpc practice in 2010 and we've helped over 450 docs convert to dpc (free) in the last few years.


    We have all of our information for doctors free online (curriculum, starter packet, checklist) and so do a lot of other dpc docs that are passionate about the movement


    Feel free to contact me directly anytime either by email or cell. and C 316.734.8096




  • 3.  RE: Innovation (survival) in primary care-telehealth/DPC

    Posted 5 days ago
    I've just started up a cash based practice which allows me to work around the insurance issue. I don't participate with any insurance companies and I'm enrolled with medicare/medicaid only as a prescribing/referring/ordering provider. For my patients who do have insurance, as long as it's not medicare or medicaid, I simply complete the health insurance claim form 1500 and give it to the patient. They then submit this to their insurance for reimbursement of what they paid me.

    Elizabeth Weeks
    Apple Tree Medicine, PLLC
    Williamsburg VA