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Subject: It's $20/new patient on Google AdWords

1.  It's $20/new patient on Google AdWords

Posted 7 days ago
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Our office manager Renea has been tracking where our new patients come from so we can learn some things.  I've attached the data.  Word of mouth still wins by cost ($0) and volume, but Google AdWords has moved into second for volume, and without throwing much money at it.

Is it worth the $20 a head it calculates out to? If you've got empty appointment slots, I think so (plus you get the additional "free" name exposure on the views/no clicks, and subsequent word-of-mouth opportunity from the $20 patient who comes in).  Interesting that it about matches a common going rate per "chart" (i.e. patient) for a hospital that was purchasing a primary care practice (that practice has now tailed off).

We are testing Facebook ads next.

Jeff Huotari