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Topic: Practice Fusion Billing Options 

1.  Practice Fusion Billing Options

Posted 17 days ago
I am curious what billing software  / claim submission modules / interfaces /costs others are using with PF.  My bill from AdvancedMD is approx $250 per month.  I am reasonably happy with it.  Wish it was less expensive but that seems the going rate with many programs.

For ease of discussion, I have listed issues

Billing Software:  Advanced MD (AMD)

Interface:  Almost seamless.  Enter charges in PF and they are sent daily to AMD.  Can also bill directly in AMD.  Patient demographic info put into PF transfers easily

Autoposts: Yes

Clearinghouse: Included in monthly charge

Statements: Sent from AMD

Support and training:   Good I think.  My employee does billing.

Pros and cons: It is OK but like all programs, is not perfect.  For example, you cant submit items that should link together automatically.  ie - if you bill a flu shot, the admin code ideally would populate automatically.   Also don't think it can easily auto populate with last visit cpt and dx codes

Costs:  Approx 230/mo. plus .75 per statement which includes postage.

Michael S. MD

2.  RE: Practice Fusion Billing Options

Posted 15 days ago
I migrated out of practice fusion about 6 months ago.
On the day of a visit with a patient, I would download the entire PF chart as a pdf. Then, part of the workflow was to just upload the PDF as an attachment to the new system.
It was a bit clunky, but effective, and with 3-4 months lead time, should allow you to migrate most of your patients over. You could always pay for a few months to ensure you had access to the old data before stopping the subscription.
The information (meds, diagnoses, etc) had to be manually re-entered. A pain? Yes. Manageable if you are an IMP? Yes as well.