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Posted 04-19-2017 17:50
1 Suggestion- need feedback
  Much of w hat we talk about is advocacy and staying independent. But the IMP project began with cohorts that were taught to assess their practices, measure in innovative ways, learn patient centered care and coaching   provide superb access ,and  the model included lowered overhead for survival.  I think maybe the  current IMP calls should runthrough some of this Many people here  do not have all these tools

How many of you use open access? Measure your quality/ take on QI projects  for your practice, know your overhead ?
Want to do this on the calls? A few people have told me lately how their overhead has gotten too high Worth a discussion to return to basics?

 2 found this old stuff from an early IMP  group in Seattle

Our Values
Ideal Medical practices are those that provide quality care in a sustainable environment These practices contribute to high performing health systems which improve population health and are accessible and affordable to all

Our Mission
We will provide a road map, tools and a community to clinicians and organizations who want to develop Ideal Medical Practices

Our Vision
We will become a trustworthy resource for unbiased evidence based patient centered care as we assist clinicians in their work
Communities of support
Removal of barriers, use of technology
Four pillars of primary care
Patient Centered ? fostering deep patient relationships
Creating ideal practices one at a time versus blowing up primary care
Create the means to help primary care docs create practices that give great care in sustainable practices

3  read this today

MACRA Is Broken. It Needs to Go Away Now.

suggest  you read this and start writing to folks

Jean Antonucci