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1.  Doctors earn enough

Posted 10-29-2017 07:40
Would love to hear your guys opinions on this article.   Unfortunately, I see no way to comment on this but comments it needs!

The problem of doctors' salaries

Kathleen Saradarian, MD
Branchville, NJ

2.  RE: Doctors earn enough

Posted 10-29-2017 13:31
My guess is that the laws of supply and demand and productivity dictate a doctor's salary.
Doctors are recruited to high need areas with higher base salaries.
Doctors who earn more are likely very productive or take a lot of call. For example, my husband who is a cardiologist took call Thursday to Sunday every 3rd week for 6 years straight until they found a 4th doctor for their rotation and he had an additional call day on top of that.
I, as a solo low volume primary care doctor barely make anything but I don't take hospital call or admissions, go to the hospital, work late or see the number of patients per week that a primary care person making $200,000 sees.

Provider salaries will be lower as MD/DO primary care physicians are replaced by NPs and PAs.
I highly doubt healthcare costs will drop as that happens!!

Mamatha Agrawal, MD
Family Doctor CaryNC
Cary, NC
Live in Raleigh, NC
Solo since 2012
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3.  RE: Doctors earn enough

Posted 18 days ago
I am too late.. and was there a way  to comment?

 I think he did not mention  our debt  I do not think other countries costs of  education are like ours  dunno

 and he exaggerates PCps salaries      In   other countries consultants are paid a bit more not multiples.

Jean Antonucci

4.  RE: Doctors earn enough

Posted 16 days ago
This economist forgot one thing.
1. Price of commodity is based on supply vs demand.
Demand of doctors high, supply decreasing.
Salary of this economist=0 as demand is 0