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  • 1.  annual report

    Posted 02-01-2019 04:58
    Thought I would  post We used to do this sometimes in the past  LAst yr I  made the most money ever   It is now almost enough:) MUch of the  increase eaten of course by taxes and health insurance  and the  rest by a tooth crown and car work:)  This year I begged and bought a catastrophic plan only and costs went down 245.00/mo
     Overhead still tiny Have not added it up exactly by something like 27%
     This practice  still has potential to do even better but I find I am much more easily disgusted by the overwhelming problems of my patietns and the  rotten health care systems
    I am 5 yrs ahead on my mortgage Husband retired  tiny income  So IMP can  work
     Stay warm  folks

    Jean Antonucci