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    Posted 04-12-2018 11:11
    Edited by Mamatha Agrawal 04-12-2018 11:15
    I had a relatively ultralite solo IMP for 5 years 2012-Feb 2018.

    I am now working for a family physician (and he has a part time NP) that are private across the street. My patients just moved with me.
    It's the closest thing I could find to what I was doing but give up the business side.
    It is higher volume but more support staff (close to double). It's more of a traditional model that is like 66% overhead.

    He is better positioned with the PCMH, IPA, ACO for contracts and group strength while still being autonomous.

    I was in an ACO but not as far along and did not have PCMH or IPA.

    I don't miss the billing, being the boss of my employees, insurance authorizations. I was drawing my own blood, doing cleaning, ordering supplies, and one year I even worked without an MA. I don't miss being on call 24/7.
    It was nice for 5 years when I had 2 school age kids to have total control but one is off to college and this doctor I am working for has been very collegial and flexible.

    I do have to say I LOVED PRACTICE FUSION. ECW is what he has - it is more robust and a single system but it's not as doctor/user friendly as Practice Fusion was.

    Mamatha Agrawal, MD
    Shah and Associates
    Cary, NC
    Live in Raleigh, NC
    -Solo IMP 2012-2018
    -Back to the model I had 2002-2011 with the 66% overhead and medium sized group---but I am no longer the owner.