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Has anyone tried EMR?

  • 1.  Has anyone tried EMR?

    Posted 06-06-2018 17:50
    Or their app "ClincApp".

    I've been looking for a free EMR, something to the style of Sigmacare. And found this app "ClinicApp", from these brazilians devs. It is advertised as free and unlimited and offer a simple Scheduling system, and free text notes, also (and personally I think is really cool) can connect to whatsapp and sms app to send messages to patients.

    There was no documentation, but was really intuitive. I emailed the devs to ask about the documentation and where the documents are stored and they answered that they haven't translated the decs from portuguese and are in the process and they also mentions they store the patient files on Azure servers from Microsoft and are encrypted.

    So, right now I'm in between start using this service for my Clinic project versus using the G Suit from Google (basic service for $5 a month).

    Will do some test runs and will let you know.

    Jesus Lehi Garcia M.D.
    Geriatric Medicine
    Family Medicine
    NYMC at St. Joseph's Medical Center.