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e rx controlled substances

  • 1.  e rx controlled substances

    Posted 11-26-2017 17:57
    so Maine now requires e-rx for controlled substances.. Sigh 50.00 a month to the EMR vendor. But tonight I find out that it is a federal DEA rule that you must have an administrator on your emr approve you to do this( can IMPs do this for each other??). Practice Fusion says "sole practitioners may find this challenging.IS ANYONE PAYING ATTENTION?? WHERE is the AAFP? I have been prescribing controlled substances for yrs but cannot do it through the computer- for which there is no evidence anyway- AND I must pay to prescribe- but I have to have an administrator in my practice give me permission?? WHEN oh when will we stand up and unionize??

    Jean Antonucci

  • 2.  RE: e rx controlled substances

    Posted 11-27-2017 15:44
    A low volume practice might be able to swing a waiver.. and I'd definitely charge patients for their share of the $50/month fee....
    Try talking with your state senator or assembly person's office, too.  Having them endorse your request would certainly help...

    E-Prescribing Waivers

    For Prescribers
    State of Maine licensed practitioners may apply for a waiver from electronically prescribing opioid medications under the following circumstances:

    1. Technological limitations not reasonably within the control of the practitioner
    2. Other exceptional circumstances not reasonably within the control of the practitioner

    Process for Submitting a Waiver

    1. Waivers must be requested from the Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services (SAMHS) Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP).
    2. Waiver applications must include allof the following. (Please note: Incomplete applications will not be processed. Incomplete applications will be sent back to the applicant with a letter indicating the reason for deferral.)
      1. Reason for request
      2. Current electronic prescribing capabilities
      3. Steps that are being taken to meet the e-prescribing mandate
      4. Date when electronic prescribing capabilities are expected to be fully functional
      5. Practitioner's signature
    3. Responses to waiver requests will be made no later than sixty (60) days from the date a completed application is received by SAMHS PMP. You will not be penalized for non-compliance to the e-prescribing requirement of PL 488 if your completed application has been received by SAMHS PMP and remains under review after July 1, 2017.
    4. Applicants will receive a verification certificate upon receipt and approval of waiver applications that should be included with all written opioid prescriptions sent to pharmacies.
    5. Waivers may be granted depending on the circumstances for a period determined appropriate by the office not to exceed twelve (12) months.
    6. A practitioner may resubmit a waiver application if e-prescribing capabilities are not achieved within the given timeframe.
    7. Complaint will be filed with the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine for practitioners not in compliance with the PMP e-prescribing requirements.

    Please email the completed form and supporting documentation to" target="_blank" rel="noopener"> with "Prescriber Electronic Prescribing Waiver Request" in the subject line.

    Or, mail to:

    Department of Health and Human Services
    Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services
    Prescription Monitoring Program
    11 State House Station, 41 Anthony Avenue
    Augusta, ME 04330-0011


    Peter Liepmann MD FAAFP MBA
    My mission is to fix US health care
    Bakersfield CA

  • 3.  RE: e rx controlled substances

    Posted 11-27-2017 21:11

    "Practice Fusion says "sole practitioners may find this challenging."

    I had a similar issue with practice fusion when NY went electronic for controlled substances.

    The recommendation was to give "anyone" a profile to access the verification process.

    I made a colleague an appropriate profile. He entered my system (under supervision). He validated my application.
    Once I was validated, I inactivated his profile.

    But yes. it was a pain!

    Milton (Moshe) Stern, M.D.
    Staten Island, New York
    He [Hillel] used to say: If I am not for myself, who is for me?
    And if I am only for myself, what am I?
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  • 4.  RE: e rx controlled substances

    Posted 11-28-2017 05:23
    Yes Milton   and how stupid  Allover the country  docotrs are making spouses responsible to "give permission" to   prescribe things we have been  prescribing for yrs. Plus Symantec is raking it in( I Guess Imean the app was free)  as we download the app that makes a new 6 digit number every 30 sec  so now you cannot prescribe only with  the emr you need a phone
    Peter I had a waiver It expired
     So I set this nonsense up
     Show me the evdicne but any way the first prescrption caused an error that I needed to be enabled  for NADEAN   That  turns out ot be X waiver number  for suboxone.Ok  done ( after calling PF)  prescription goes through yay
     Well that was the end of that.  Second prescription  gives errors I was here til 7 PM with supportWho cannot figure it out    Told me the X has to be a capitol Very firm OK but ah the first script went through.  On and on and on. Who can I tell( besides youse guys??)  I have heard from one person who was not asked to give an administrtor name and has been doing this a long time.   Cripes

    Jean Antonucci