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NY Times article

  • 1.  NY Times article

    Posted 04-12-2018 11:14

    A few interesting thoughts:

    Will insurance plans require their clients to go to retails clinics in the future?
    Are retail clinics equal quality?
    Do they reduce or increase costs?
    Will patients have a relationship and trust with these providers and how much does that matter?

    The doctor they feature is working at a practice backed by venture capital.

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  • 2.  RE: NY Times article

    Posted 04-13-2018 04:54
    Lots of documentation that there is no cost saving. It increases use because easy so no cost savings
    Costs are from prices and some what chronic care it’s the prices of drugs and devices that drive costs mostly

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  • 3.  RE: NY Times article

    Posted 04-14-2018 09:00
    And no there is no worse quality of care  no more antibx use etc Because these places are doing low levell protocoled stuff.
     I do not myself  care if someone takes that stuff away  It may be far better for society  to have docs do only the complex stuff That was the  whole idea behind  physician extenders    I just want the time money and reduced administrative crap to go away soI CAN figure out what to do with my EhlerDanlos patients and the  post Guillian Barre folks and etc etc   I am sick to death of spending my day getting opthal and ortho paid  But where is the AAFP? No where to be seen    I have to g et optometry  to send a letter then I have to do a referral to optho for cataracts What I am going to deny i?t OUTRAGEOUS Where is the AAFP Where  in fact are we in IMP ?ANYone want  to w rite letters or speak? No of course not You're too busy


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