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Non regional ACOs?

  • 1.  Non regional ACOs?

    Posted 04-23-2018 14:26
    Is anyone aware of any well run ACOs on IPAs that are not regional based,   ie: a doctor in NYS can apply to join and be on a panel with doctors from elsewhere in country?   I am also not adverse to taking on some risk in return for potential increased reimbursement, such as the contract that Mike Baron has described.

    I am only aware of one ACO in our region that allows independent doctors to join.  I don't know if it is successful.   I believe the other ACOs or organizations in our area that are taking risk, are run by and limited to doctors in their own mega group.

    The only IPA in region, only had one contract with a single HMO.  It became obsolete.   Each doctor now contracts directly with that HMO.


    Michael S. MD

  • 2.  RE: Non regional ACOs?

    Posted 04-24-2018 05:46
    No Mike I do not  think exists yet   Where docs run IPAs there is real  work done- one in I think Nebraska There  is a provision I think in that MAcra  law for it to happen but laws need rules and I think there  are none This is where IMP would come in we could do well Personally I think it  is not acceptable to take financial risk other than maybe  outpatient capitation Doctors are not insurers However Jeff Houtari is your man He has thought about this   for yrs  I have no idea how to begin but IMP would be the ones to do it


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