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    Posted 10-19-2017 12:18

    I've been "off the grid" for a while so I don't know if we've already discussed this.  Any interest in creating an IMP MIPS Virtual Group for reporting 2018 QPP?  More information:

    I'm currently talking to my technical assistant organization to see if they can support this.  I'm not sure whether they could take the lead or if each one in the virtual group would have to talk to their own regional technical assistant organization.  He was a map which shows all the regional support organizations:

    I've breezed through the paperwork and it seems fairly limited.  The deadline for submission is December 1.

    By the way, I found my technical assistance organization be a great help.  They've helped with my Medicaid meaningful use reporting including the security risk assessment (SRA).  They're also helping me with a dry run for MIPS reporting.  I'm except for reporting this year but it helps to start the process.  The service for MIPS is free.  The assistance for meaningful use is $200 a year.  This is all part of the Medicare funding to support small practices.


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