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Tech issue w site-FYI "Contact us" not working

  • 1.  Tech issue w site-FYI "Contact us" not working

    Posted 06-30-2018 12:07
    Sorry to post w a tech issue, but the page  Send Us A Message

    won't allow any entry in the "to" dropdown, and so I can't seem to send a message to your site admin.

    I was trying to send a message about email changes.
    No urgency, but I thought you'd like to know.
    Message below
    What if my email changes?

     I've moved, may not keep access to the HVC account. Right now it all forwards to GMail. I've changed my email of record, but I still can't respond to discussion posts from my GMail account. When I did the change password routine, the site tells me "your username will always be your email, " but really

    Responding to a discussion post from GMail,
    I got this error:"Your email message "need response asap from many of you" to the "Member Forum" discussion was received, however we were unable to process the message.  Please verify you are a current member of the community and you are replying with an email address associated with the community.
    If you have any questions about this, please contact us.
    Ideal Medical Practices Staff"

    Sorry to be a bother with tech stuff.  In the image below, the cursor has just clicked the 'to' dropdown.

    Peter Liepmann MD FAAFP MBA
    My mission is to fix US health care
    Bakersfield CA