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   RE: logistics for starting a new practice
 From: PJ Parmar
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 01-04-2017 09:22


Thats what I do, family medicine with Medicaid in Colorado. I have been open in Colorado 5 years now (Ardas Family Medicine

), growing from zero to now 50 pts a day, 4 full time providers. Co Mcd credentialing takes only a few weeks, and yes you need an address first. I wrote somewhat of a step by step guide to opening your own practice. Write me a private message on here if you want to discuss.


PJ Parmar
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Sent: 01-03-2017 23:42
From: IMP Guest
Subject: logistics for starting a new practice

Hello all,

Any advice for logistics in starting a new primary care practice (in Colorado)? I was referred to your group a few years ago by another NP.

How long does credentialing take (most of my patients are Medicaid)? I am assuming I need to start credentialing once I have a physical space-is this correct? Are virtual offices a good idea-and will I have issues with credentialing if I use a virtual office? Do you bill yourself (or hire a biller)? 

I also wanted to thank the group for your inclusivity, as we all want to provide excellent care to our patients.

Marie Amina Aryan, NP-C (aka "Guest" for this week)

IMP Guest

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