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   RE: Emr /practice management
 From: Michael Barron
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 01-01-2017 13:20

We've come a long way from using computers to automate tasks/workflow --> increase productivity.  The evolution of PCs supposedly brought computing power to individuals and small businesses but doctors now find ourselves having workflow/tasks imposed on us.  This makes using/choosing an EMR painful.  I wonder if it has to be that way?

  • Could we spend some time defining our workflows?
  • Could we do better using a bigger variety of software rather than picking one program to do what we need?
  • Could we make better use of scripts/macros?
  • Could we hire programmers to write small programs or linking software between programs (this can often be done for a couple hundred bucks on sites like
  • Are we willing to return to pen/paper or dictation where appropriate?
  • Is meaningful use still providing a return on that investment or is this a sunk cost that should be abandoned?

My interest in these things led me over the last 13 years to develop my own EMR.  However, there are opportunities for anyone to improve their workflow without learning to program.  Creating incremental workflow improvements is something I really enjoy about my practice.  Over time this can make one's practice better and better; intermittently switching from one EMR to another seems to undermine that possibility. 

If anyone is interested I'd be happy to help with a project as long as they agree to publish updates and results on the forum.

Michael Barron
Barron Family Medicine
University City MO
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Sent: 11-18-2016 06:37
From: Margaret Coughlan
Subject: Emr /practice management

Hello all,

I have been using Athena for over 4 years. It is quite expensive but very comprehensive.  They do my billing and posting as well as patient portal, etc. However I have issues with customer support lately so in the market to switch vendors. Two questions,  anyone love their emr/pm program?  Second, anyone switch after several years, how hard is it? That is one of the issues with this whole thing, we almost get stuck to keep the same one due to inertia...

Margaret Coughlan MD
Millbrook, NY

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