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   RE: Billing
 From: Jessica Rongitsch
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 07-11-2017 16:53
 Message: Thanks Amy
Just to clarify you use Athena as your biller, but you need an employee to oversee it?  I guess I'm wondering if you switch to a service like Athena do they handle all the minutiae like you forgot a modifier 25, or that patient needed a referral from a narrow network plan to see you etc..  It sounds like you still need an employee on your end monitoring? Do you know what % Athena charges?

I assume you use Athena EHR?  We are also considering switching to a free or cheaper EHR like Practice Fusion or Office Ally.


Jessica Rongitsch MD, FACP
Capitol Hill Medical
Seattle, WA
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Sent: 07-11-2017 16:35
From: Amy Adkins-Dwivedi
Subject: Billing

I use athena and have an experienced back office person that fixes any issues.  helps a lot, my ppl work virtually though as contractors so they are not my emploees.

Amy Adkins-Dwivedi, ARNP
Stepping Stone Pediatrics
15650 NE 24th St, Suite C-1
Bellevue, WA 98008
(425) 941-9540
(425) 633-2281

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