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 From: Adam Schwarz
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 01-28-2018 07:41
I've been practicing in private practice for 10 yrs and before that in an aces demo practice for 10 years in the same town; the turn over is very low; 20 or so new patients a year. I rolled to life coaching out very explicitly to diversify the income stream AnD to capture billing not otherwise receivable. I described what primary care is, a box, all the traditional things we do, and then described life coaching as outside that box. We help with listening a lot about kids failing to launch, elderly parents who need advise about downsizing and where to go...advise about retiring and the next phase of life....these are the margins of a family doc that we give away as a trusted member of the community.

I made it very clear that many people (patients) can't afford to pay for this and that we'd do it anyway but that if you could great! It helps pay for our time. I made an hourly rate to be available after hours so as never to impede clinic time; "the practice is not changing" in that way; it's the sole priority. 

The framing was essential; the values aligned the the ideals of IMP; this is not concierge, but being honest does take the temperature of what value and resources your patients hold in case that shift down the road is needed.

Few took the time after hours but it was exciting when they did. I ensured to see them in a conference room and send them a written letter (note) immediately after as well as a bill from the P.O. Box address, not the clinical address.

The work setting and executing the practice is more that worth the actual additional time  and I like so many walk the walk of giving this time to everyone. 

My staff does not know who is or is not in the membership group by design so as to have zero different treatment. The members don't get a different clinical care experience. If they reveal more detail of their life issues all the better for the clinical exchange; and I don't over offer if they are  ambivalent about changes and do not bring them up in clinical time. That multiple pathway awareness is typical to what we all do so it does not feel mental taxing.

Adam Schwarz 
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I would like to hear more about how you incorporated life coaching into your practice.

Karen Betten MD
Betten Integrative Medicine
Portage, Michigan

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