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   RE: Practice Fusion to start charging for its EMR
 From: Donna Powell
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 02-02-2018 06:25
 Message: We made the switch from PRACTICE  FUSION ABOUT 3 years ago,  and have never looked back !   Their intake  , patient registration,  plus scanning and uploading docs was a pain !   Worked through 2 other EMRs, one who wanted 6k to transfer our online intakes!  We are a sole provider  practice with 3 full-time employees, cash based practice.   Our new program is called INTAKE Q.    If you don't mind,  mention I referred you,  and I get a small credit from them,  if you choose to join.    Even if I didn't,  I cannot sing  the praises of this system enough!  You can have a free trial, w no cc and NO HIGH PRESSURE SALES PEOPLE WANTING TO DEMO YOU.  it's so user friendly,  you can be working in a test chart in minutes.    Their intakes can have the consents ( which you customize for each intake), i.e.,  medication management agreement, cancellation policies, HIPAA, credit card on file, procedures pre and post instructions, medical history, photos or labs they want to upload, Etc.  The patient fills it out  electronically and it immediately uploads into their chart so there is no scanning or naming the documents etcetera those are nodone in your templates.  They sign it electronically so they are not having to print it out by hand scan it and fax it back or bring to the office on the day of the appointment. It is great for us, because the doctor can look at the files the evening before and compare with their lab work etc for they before they ever come in.    Any form you have, is so incredibly easy to put into any format you want. Also, if you would prefer to have them do it, you can send it to them and they will do it for $9 per form!!   The cheapest I've ever been quoted was $300/ form other EMRS.   They offer online booking, you can accept payments right from the patient chart, printout or send to them securely there visit assessment and plan. You can fax prescriptions directly from the patient chart. It also has standard emails that you can send out periodically and specials/ coupons,  and also appointment reminders , satisfaction surveys,  either by text email or phone call that you customize    .    If you want to call or email for more information,  I'm happy to try to answer questions you may have.    Our physician,  just yesterday,  called them to tell them how wonderful they are. I also do this on a regular basis because their customer service is absolutely amazing. Sorry this was so long but thought you may find it helpful.    We have about  15 types of intakes depending on type of appointment.    Each of those have the consents that go with them ( that we customize and choose.    They are then reviewed with patient in the office and the doctor signs off on them also.   You can securely share documents with your patients, fax your prescriptions straight to their Pharmacy, etcetera. It is HIPAA secure and password protected.   I think we pay around $49/ and that is with unlimited assistant accounts.   Good luck in your search !  DONNA POWELL. 704 282 9355.

Donna Powell
[Practice Mgr.]
[Dr. Scott's Restorative Health Ctr.]
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Sent: 02-01-2018 21:44
From: Cindy Go
Subject: Practice Fusion to start charging for its EMR

This is the first time I am posting but I just found out today that Practice Fusion is no longer going to be free and will start charging a subscription rate of $99 per provider per month starting in May.  Those of us who use Practice Fusion probably got an email a couple of weeks ago notifying members that Allscripts had acquired PF.  I thought to myself that when that happened that PF was no longer going to be free to use.  I wrote an email to the CEO of PF and an account representative called me today to tell me that PF was going to start charging monthly in a subscription model and then he proceeded to try to sell me on it by telling me that they will start offering more perks like ePrescribing of controlled substances (which they have been promising for the past 5 years), etc.  Just thought everyone in this forum would like to know.  The rep told me they will be putting out a post in March to notify all the practices.  I have to think about what to do and if it is worth changing to another EMR.  I haven't looked at prices other EMRs because as a solo practice, it was so economical to use PF.  Any suggestions from the forum on other free or low cost options for EMRs for a small practice would be greatly appreciated.

Cindy Go, MD PhD
Lemont ENT, SC
Lemont, IL
solo since 2013

Cindy Go

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