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   RE: Required Programs
 From: Jean Antonucci
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 11-01-2017 09:33
 Message: Hi Kathy yes and thanks my ACoguy just sent me something about this this morning so you have telepathy
I’m a little distracted since I have not had any electricity for 48 hours we have solar for lights upstairs but pretty soon even though my screened in porch off the kitchen has become the refrigerator I may have to dump some food from the freezer so I’m a little distracted please send electricity
I am spending a lot of time boiling water on the wood stoves sigh
the only place I think I’m stuck is the ability to do an electronic communication with the consultant to be honest with you I thought I would just fudge I think that’s the only one I can’t do I don’t know anyone else who has a direct address but I thought maybe I could use a friend in Rhode Island or one of the other practice fusion people and do a test consult for Mickey Mouse not really lying it’s proving to them I can do it I just don’t have anybody on the other end to do it with

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If your ACO is reporting clinical data, you will still need to do the ACI portion yourself. At least that's who it is for me.  Personally, I am going for a hardship exemption as I can't meet one of the 4 mandatory requirements.

Kathleen Saradarian, MD
Branchville, NJ

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