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   RE: Practice Fusion to start charging for its EMR
 From: Craig Ross
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 02-04-2018 13:06
 Message: Re TalkEMR:

I took a quick look.  It is visually very similar to PF (I wonder if someone from PF left and started this EMR).  It's "free" but additional charges for some features such as eRx Controlled Substances.  They apparently have an integrated electronic claims for 3% charge.  They offer electronic insurance authorization done prior to the visit.  I've looked at this before.  Companies can advertise insurance auth but it's useless if >95% of the insurances you work with don't participate.

It may be useful for someone to demo this and provide feedback to the group.  I'm in MU/claims overload right now so not interested in demoing for a couple months.  Also, it come online in late 2017.  I'm not big into early adoption of software.  I used to be but that was when I had more time to work the bugs out with the software company.


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Sent: 02-03-2018 22:22
From: Milton Stern
Subject: Practice Fusion to start charging for its EMR

Anybody know anything about talkEHR?

I have no experience with it. I only saw a quick blurb on it.


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Sent: 02-02-2018 08:29
From: Laurie Troup
Subject: Practice Fusion to start charging for its EMR

Good morning,
I was suspicious that they would start charging when they joined with Allscripts. Is there a way of downloading our current charts and use our own templates off-line?

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This is the first time I am posting but I just found out today that Practice Fusion is no longer going to be free and will start charging a subscription rate of $99 per provider per month starting in May.  Those of us who use Practice Fusion probably got an email a couple of weeks ago notifying members that Allscripts had acquired PF.  I thought to myself that when that happened that PF was no longer going to be free to use.  I wrote an email to the CEO of PF and an account representative called me today to tell me that PF was going to start charging monthly in a subscription model and then he proceeded to try to sell me on it by telling me that they will start offering more perks like ePrescribing of controlled substances (which they have been promising for the past 5 years), etc.  Just thought everyone in this forum would like to know.  The rep told me they will be putting out a post in March to notify all the practices.  I have to think about what to do and if it is worth changing to another EMR.  I haven't looked at prices other EMRs because as a solo practice, it was so economical to use PF.  Any suggestions from the forum on other free or low cost options for EMRs for a small practice would be greatly appreciated.

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