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   RE: opportunity for imps Please respond?
 From: Kathy Saradarian
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 05-17-2017 08:45
I still think you should ask for more.?? Even so, it will be a cost savings for Medicare by a lot.?? But if they approve less you will never get more.
--  Kathy Saradarian, MD Solo since 2003 Always Private, Small Group since 1990 Practice Partner since 2003 Branchville, NJ

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thanks Kathy
Yeah  What Peter understands is scary

I have recruited most of the 5,000 minimum I need( 5000 patients) to   w rite a letter of intent and go ahead with this
  I would like more patients  and docs.

 I am talking to my   advisors on Thursday and Friday to flesh out details  to work on  Hoping I can understand
But if you look at the AAFP proposal although  it is ull of MIPS and percentages, I mean we can do this!!
 2.00/day/patient/month and 3.00 for higher risk patietns
 HYH 60 a year ON the straight medicare folks
 I think we can prove our worth as improving care and reducing costs If so  and the pilot is successful at this  then we have grounds to ask other payers and medicare in a wider   distribution to  offer this paymetn model.
at least it will amuse me for a whhile
I think we ask it t o be a two yr project.

Jean Antonucci

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