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   RE: Work flow advice
 From: Edgar Cruz
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 10-08-2017 21:24
 Message: Hello all:
I have a small family practice I opened in 10/2015. We are celebrating our 2nd anniversary, Of course no real celebration just in my heart and calendar, no budget yet for celebrations.  My wife helps me PT, no pay. She promised to be with me in the good and the bad ..LOL LOL.  My oldest son (21) works 38 hrs at front desk.  One suggestion with the information that you provided. Have your husband do the book keeping for free, ( Remember in the good and the bad).  Run the financial analysis of having a PT expensive (nurse) /CCM, or MA full time for quality reporting and even she could draw the blood vs stop drawing blood. I just sent patients to lab before the visit and I can review Blood work at their visit. I also have the same problem  that you have of not finishing the note after or while seeing the patients. I trained dictating my notes after seeing patients. I will try to implement that in the near future because I don't type fast and I like to make eye contact with the patients. I hope this helps.

Just a quick question to Jean. The station for BP and wt for patient to do, is this populated automatically to chart or how do you do it if you do it? I have Practice fusion. Right now I am doing my own vitals.

Edgar Cruz
Cruz Medical Services
Clermont FL
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Sent: 10-07-2017 10:48
From: Michael Safran
Subject: Work flow advice


I stopped drawing blood years ago.    Two main reasons:

Much more efficient for our office flow to have patients go to the two national labs in the community within 2 miles of my office.

More importantly - Patients have learned to do blood work prior to their visits and I have results available for discussion.   I think patients appreciate it also.   Much more efficient, less follow up phone calls, email discussions, etc.   I give them lab slip, if needed, for next visit visit when current visit is done.   It works very smoothly.

If they need acute labs to complete assessment during a visit, they just go down the street.

Of course, we do send out cultures, paps, etc.

Only labs done in office are those I get results myself - U/A, micro, Strep, INR, very rare glucose.

Michael S. MD

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Sent: 10-06-2017 12:46
From: Jean Antonucci
Subject: Work flow advice

Hi Tracey
 not enough information to help you
-Lots of  people - mostly part time
- Why a biller if have a practice manager?
- a few ideas- patients can do their own bp and wt at a station  in hall or wait room

-You could take hx with instant medical histry
 for both of these you could have an i pad the receptionist gives out and they input it themselves

 Drawing bood yourself would seem to slow lots of things down- cross train the receptinsit

RNs are very expensive
 await more info

Jean Antonucci

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Sent: 10-05-2017 14:02
From: Tracy Baum
Subject: Work flow advice

Looking for tips and advice on how you handle work flow in a small office. I have a small family practice clinic, my husband is the business manager, we have a FT receptionist, a PT book keeper (6 hrs per week) and a PT RN to help with CCM and a few other things (5-6 hrs per week). My issue is I see pts, draw blood, and take care of all the data input for each visit. I admit, I have this dislike of leaving people sitting waiting for me and thus will complete only the essential things from the previous visit before seeing the next pt. This leaves me a lot of charts to finish either at the end of the day, or worse yet, over the weekend. Any thoughts would be really appreciated. I'm 2 years into this adventure and the thought of working 7 days a week indefinitely is not very appealing. I know there must be some things to delegate some of this to the staff (the receptionist is just 2 weeks with us and learning very quickly, but certainly not seasoned.)

Tracy Baum
Mountain Sage Family Clinic
Dubois, WY

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