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   RE: Emr /practice management
 From: Jean Antonucci
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 11-22-2016 08:34
my two cents is that no doctor should do the billing Choosing a small personal billing company  whose success depends on our si well wortht the 8% or whatever You can refer people there  when they have issues,  not  do it yourslef    Mine is also a coder and    I tell her the dx if I do not  code it and she does it  well worth delegating it and just seeing patients


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I have also recently left employed position for private practice. Have been researching EMRs & like Drchrono: cloud based, patient can enter (you can have a kiosk set up with an iPad) their demographics & all past med history/meds/allergies which can save a lot of time (just need to check for accuracy which I would review at 1st visit anyway), it looks awesome for templates, seems very user friendly, & you can either pay for just the EMR $500/mo or get it free if you allow them to do your billing 96% collection rate with an assigned billing team that meets with you weekly if needed for 4-9% of your collections depending on your volume, & has a very open API so it can interface with most any lab co. you might need to receive results from.  Others I have been looking at: AtlasMD (for DPC practice model), MediTouch, Kareo, PrognoCIS, WRSHealth, Elation, Care360 & Practice Fusion.  If I go with PF then I will either need to do the billing myself (never done) or pay a private biller which I am finding rates vary from 6-9% of collections.  The trouble with any biller or company that does this for you I am finding is that they all seem to vary on how hard they try to collect & correct or inform you of coding issues for max collections & how they handle denials. You could be dumped with all the denials to rework or just write off. So it seems to me that you either go with a free EMR & pay for the billing or get the EMR for free & that company charges similar collection fees. The company providing the EMR for "free" then at least has 2ndary gain to provide a good EMR with updates to keep you as a paying customer via collection rate.

Has anyone actually used any of these EMR systems? Feedback please?


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