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   RE: Billing
 From: Peter Liepmann
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 07-11-2017 16:59
 Message: 8% seems pretty steep to me.   I've seen 6%, and that still seems high.

At least 95% of your claims, probably 98%, should get paid without any human intervention at all.  So your 'biller' should only come in for the 2-3% problems.  Even collections agencies take no more than 30-50% of that 3%, so it should be pretty small, if your EMR is producing the right codes.  Take a look at Praxis- it has some AI that helps w coding.

Your front office staff should be collecting copays, reminding people about balances when they call for refills, appts, etc.
You should only need one full time biller for every 3-6 providers.
If your EMR will create batch HCFAs, you can upload them to OfficeAlly clearinghouse free...

BTW, if your billing people aren't your employees, you need a Business Associate Agreement with them.

Peter Liepmann MD FAAFP MBA
My mission is to fix US health care
Bakersfield CA
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Sent: 07-10-2017 22:58
From: Jessica Rongitsch
Subject: Billing

Hello all,
I was hoping to get input on people's experiences with billing services vs hiring employee to do billing.

We currently have a billing service that charges 8% of everything that's collected, (including what we collect in the clinic for copays etc.)  The service is good and I like the reliability, but it is pricey so I am contemplating hiring an employee to do this.

Anyone have thoughts on this?  Anyone know if you hire an employee, can it be a smart competent person, or does it have to be someone with billing experience--i am not sure how hard it is?   I know our EHR (Eclinical) offers billing services but I haven't been very happy with their customer support so not eager to use them.

Jessica Rongitsch, MD, FACP
Capitol Hill Medical
Seattle, WA

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