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 From: Mamatha Agrawal
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 10-13-2017 22:33
 Message: My impression is that we just have to attest to doing the SRA by checking a box and similarly merely attest to the practice improvement project (and no further guidelines are provided).

As long as we report something - no penalty.

I am doing the same thing I have done in past years for MU for the SRA.
Create a document with headings for Technical Safeguards (wireless security, passwords), Administrative Safeguards (when an employee leaves you delete their account, create access levels based on role) and Physical Safeguards (locked off, acknowledge what is stored on site that could be stolen, damaged in a disaster).
Create an inventory of all devices that access or store PHI/charts and list them on the same document.
Review it with staff and sign off on it.

Mamatha Agrawal, MD
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Sent: 10-12-2017 15:53
From: Kathy Saradarian
Subject: MACRA

Is anyone here doing MACRA this year?

How are you handling the Security Risk Analysis.  Have you found a cheap or free way to accomplish this?  How are you doing the electronic transmission of the CCDA Clinical Summary?

Kathleen Saradarian, MD
Branchville, NJ

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