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   RE: EKGs- do you do them in your office?
 From: Thomas Weiner
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 11-02-2017 09:50
We bought one from the start more as a service to the patients.  We have been able to avoid ER referrals for things like atypical chest pain and hypertensive urgency. We also get $20-30.  We used to do them in the exam room.  Then we got a cheap old massage table and put it in our lab/vitals room/ekg room.  There are some that will beam it to your EHR and are the size of a tablet, but they are more expensive and you have to have a good EHR (we don't). We used to upload from a USB, but with staff we found it easier to just print and scan.

As payment models shift to cost of care to your patient you may need to look beyond the $20 payment and the cost sharing savings of avoiding ER visits.  I hated doing them when I had no staff so I completely sympathize with you.  If you ever hire a smart receptionist or MA that can do them, it definitely becomes at the very least cost neutral.


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No?  How does that work out then for your patients?

Yes? What is your flow to make this work?
And what equipment/technology do you use?
Does billing work out for the time?

We have one room per provider and no medical staff.
I haven't been able to see how we can do them but its gotten a bit silly that we don't.

I'm hopeful this group has good solutions to help me see outside the box.


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