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   RE: Medicare coding
 From: Rashmi Chhabra
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 10-11-2017 20:40
Medicare annual wellness visit may be done any day of the month. So, if it was done Sept 29.2016, you can do another one after Sept 1 2017.
Hope this helps.

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I was asked from our billing person about a medicare AWV I did recently on Sept 18 2017. Her  prior AWV was Sept 29 2016.

I remembered the conversation here, did a quick search and found Jeff's notes that this could be done in the same month or later as the prior AWV.  He asked- anyone test this out?

Well- I"m testing. Anyone have experience with this already?
Sure hope I get paid... this phrase seems to be our collective mantra  :)

If of interest to others I'll try to remember to post once payment posted.

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