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   RE: Emr /practice management
 From: Scott Macleod
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 11-09-2017 08:50

I was using eMDs and had to switch as I joined Privia.

Privia on the whole has been helpful for many good reasons.

However they use Athena.


I cannot recommend it to anyone.

It is not intuitive and as mentioned their responsive to problems or requests is terrible.  It is a billing machine at its heart and that is a major problem.

Yesterday they were down most of the morning ( "on the cloud") which has happened too many times.

Lots of ICD 10 , HPI, etc.. problems. You have to type and click a lot.


Looking back EMDs was a much superior product...however they have changed ownership twice since then so cannot comment on how they are now. I really miss the flexibility and tools they gave us. Their annual conference was well worth the time. It was definitely designed around our work.

I was on EMDs for many years and the switch to Athena was essentially very traumatic. I ended up having to take 10 days off work just to get away from computers...during that switch.

I am now 18 months past that and still am having to look back in my old EMR for data.

Even getting the expensive "conversion" done ( I did not) does not work that well.

Which is why we need interoperability so that the EMR companies do not have us hostages.

I would dread having to switch again.  

So please look at each system hard.

Talk to others who use it.

Talk to others about how that company handles the switch over.

Good luck.




Scott Macleod, MD

Solo, Independent FP

Highlander Family Medicine

Woodstock, Virginia


------Original Message------

I LOVE our emr.    We had been through Practice Fusion, Dr. Chrono, and Aesthetics Pro.     We have now been with IntakeQ since 2015.    All of the intake forms are online and when the patient starts to fill it out, a little window pops up, letting you know.  They sign electronically and it goes straight into the patient chart.   That has saved us SO MUCH TIME IN SCANNING.    They have in-office tablet set-up, where patient takes their own photo and it populates into chart for photo ID.    You can attach custom consents to custom forms and IQ only charges $9.00 for creating your forms.    You can self create, and they are SUPER easy.   It has payment collection features, newsletters, appointment set-up, customization for reminders, birthdays, follow-up visits, etc.   You can set up a test account for FREE to play around in for 7 days..., don't even need a credit card.   No sales person will try to make you set up a demo.  It is so user friendly and they are adding features all the time.    It has built in fax features (pay minimal amount) after 10 free ones.   We use this feature to do all of our scripts.    You can also email patient a Hippa secure copy of visit plans, etc.    It is truly the most user friendly service we have ever used.    They also have some pre-built  templates, but it is super easy to build your own SOAP note templates, nursing note templates, etc., and it is easy to build templates that need to be scored.   They also have text available for another nominal amount. (we aren't currently using)   Their price ranges from $29.9 a month 1 practitioner to 99.90 a month for 5 practitioners.    Their customer service responds right away and they are just great.   We started out using them strictly for the intake forms, which we would then upload to Practice Fusion.   The intakes we sent with PF were really hit or miss as far as when the patient received them.    When you send a form in IQ - the patient has it immediately.   We then started using it for scheduling and now use it for our EMR.
We are a cash based practice, so I have NO idea what their insurance capabilities are, although you can create superbills in them.  One draw back is they don't currently integrate with any labs that I know of, so we do have to scan the lab results into the chart...   Their payments integrate with Square and Stripe.   Their site is IntakeQ - Online Patient Intake Forms .   Hope that helps.   Feel free to write if you have any questions.

Donna Powell
Practice Mgr.
Dr. Scott's Restorative Health Ctr.

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