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   RE: Practice Fusion to start charging for its EMR
 From: Peter Liepmann
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 02-11-2018 23:21

When considering an EMR, the biggest cost is not the monthly cost, but YOUR TIME.

At $100,000/yr and 60 hrs a week, that comes to $33/hr. (We hope you're doing better than that, but still....)

If a program saves you 2 hours a week,  that's $283/ month. ( $33/hr x 2 hours x 52 weeks/12 months)

Whether you should use cloud-based or have your own server depends on how reliable (and fast!) your internet service is compared to electric power. If you don't have reliable fast service, hosting your own starts looking more attractive despite the problems.

January 2, 2018

SOAPware  $2000 +$399/mo/MD   

Praxis EMR $189-$259/mo/MD

Care360  $250/mo 

The first two are consistently high rated by other reviewers, third is not.

From a wide number of sources, in no particular order,

Amazing Charts,         $1200 installation, $100/mo/MD licensing

Praxis EMR                 $189-259/ month depending on whether you host or use their cloud servers

SOAPware                  $2000  installation, $399/month/MD

MEDENT                     $???

Were high rated.

This also might be helpful:

From FPM's "EHR Switch study:"


Bars showing Praxis and Amazing Charts made more docs happyEHR Switch Survey: Responses From 305 Family Physicians

Praxis, Medent, Health Connect, Amazing Charts, SOAPware top 5

 Taken from AAFP EHR User Satisfaction Survey, 2012-2014. 

 Same top 5

 Taken from AAFP EHR User Satisfaction Survey, 2012-2014.

Same top 5

Taken from AAFP EHR User Satisfaction Survey, 2012-2014.

 Smaller practices generally chose EHRs they liked better, or the other way around

 Same top 5...

Taken from AAFP EHR User Satisfaction Survey, 2012-2014


 American College of Physicians' AmericanEHR Partners Top 10 Survey from December, 2011 through July, 2017.

When you change the practice parameters  to 1-3 physicians, and family practice, Praxis is higher rated.

(AAFP is a 'member' of AmericanEHR, fwiw.)

Hope this is helpful-

Peter Liepmann MD FAAFP MBA
My mission is to fix US health care
Bakersfield CA
Original Message:
Sent: 02-01-2018 21:44
From: Cindy Go
Subject: Practice Fusion to start charging for its EMR

This is the first time I am posting but I just found out today that Practice Fusion is no longer going to be free and will start charging a subscription rate of $99 per provider per month starting in May.  Those of us who use Practice Fusion probably got an email a couple of weeks ago notifying members that Allscripts had acquired PF.  I thought to myself that when that happened that PF was no longer going to be free to use.  I wrote an email to the CEO of PF and an account representative called me today to tell me that PF was going to start charging monthly in a subscription model and then he proceeded to try to sell me on it by telling me that they will start offering more perks like ePrescribing of controlled substances (which they have been promising for the past 5 years), etc.  Just thought everyone in this forum would like to know.  The rep told me they will be putting out a post in March to notify all the practices.  I have to think about what to do and if it is worth changing to another EMR.  I haven't looked at prices other EMRs because as a solo practice, it was so economical to use PF.  Any suggestions from the forum on other free or low cost options for EMRs for a small practice would be greatly appreciated.

Cindy Go, MD PhD
Lemont ENT, SC
Lemont, IL
solo since 2013

Cindy Go

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