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 From: Elaine Chu
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 03-06-2018 09:55
 Message: When I first started, I worked part time in urgent care and part time in my practice. Gradually transitioned. It is possible to set up practice with our taking out loans.

Elaine Chu
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Sent: 03-03-2018 08:05
From: Edgar Cruz
Subject: Parking

Hello all. I know I have not been present for a long time. Starting my 3rd year. It has been really hard to say the least. I just started paying my self 700.00 bi-weekly. 
In August 2015, 2 months  before I open my door to see patients,  I had been approved For  a start up loan by a big American  bank. They never released the money. I had already committed with land lord to start paying rent in 10/2015. I already had furniture and everything to start. I had to cash a small 401k and asked family and friends for loans. 
Credentialing was another uphill struggle. Even though I had 200 patients that followed me from my previous job I could not get reimbursed because CMS and Florida Blue , main payers here took more than a year to get my credentialing in place. 
My recommendation for those wanting to open a solo practice. Have enough money =funding that will cover at least 30 months of your expenses!! 
With regard to parking, make sure you have designated handicap parking. For some payers is almost a requirement and some patients need it.
Blessing from above to all!!

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just do it. Your style of delivery matters much more than parking. And if you grow, you will move anyway.

PJ Parmar

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