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 From: Jean Antonucci
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 08-28-2017 09:03
 Message: The laws that create MIPs also  created this thing called PTAC -Physician Technical Advisory Committee  Spiffy name eh? Anyway PTAC will accept proposals about ideas for payment reform  Which we sure do need.   Turns out lots of people have been submitting  All kinds of  docs  The AAFP submitted and I think it will go no where All they  did was write a lot of words and ask for more money  stil l using  MIPS etc Not an innovative word in there.
So  I have been doing a boat load of work to  write up a proposal basedon the  work  of the Ideal Medical Practices project. You can go to the PTAC/ASPE site and read the letter of intent and soon the proposal(o ne more person is reviewing it for me first)   and soon I will ask you to go and make public comments.Some of the IMPs helped me     I put this out in a post a while  back    The proposal is to pay us 2.00/day for low and medium risk folks and 3/00/day for high risk  Risk and also  quality  measures as determined by HowsYourHealth
 To that end I would encourage you  to  sign up for membership in IMP and to use HYH( free) If this proposal becomes a pilot program there wil lbe some  change in your work flows needed and imp can teach you   I don't know if it will be accepted but if so it goes to  Price as  head of DHHS and coul d be a payment model you could take advantage of-- in this project  I myself would get a 80,000 raise if we did this PLease support IMP PLease use HYH PLease speak up and out these are tough times

Jean Antonucci

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