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   Amazing Charts and billing/ practice management
 From: Melissa Weakland
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 03-18-2017 10:34
 Message: Anyone who uses Amazing Charts and NOT using a billing service, what do you use?  Would you recommend it? 

we've for many years used office ally because it's free but the amount of work needed to do double entry doesn't make sense. Especially in the age of frequently changing insurances.

we use UpDox and it works wonderfully having patients submit insurance info there and thus it dumps automatically into AC. so we want something AC driven. 

we're trying hard to keep overhead low and a billing service really is much more than our 10 hour billing/ bookkkeeper. But we need a more efficient tech solution as currently it is cumbersome. Especially billing and tracking patients to collect their portion. 


Melissa Weakland MD
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Seattle WA
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