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   RE: Doctors earn enough
 From: Mamatha Agrawal
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 10-29-2017 16:31
 Message: My guess is that the laws of supply and demand and productivity dictate a doctor's salary.
Doctors are recruited to high need areas with higher base salaries.
Doctors who earn more are likely very productive or take a lot of call. For example, my husband who is a cardiologist took call Thursday to Sunday every 3rd week for 6 years straight until they found a 4th doctor for their rotation and he had an additional call day on top of that.
I, as a solo low volume primary care doctor barely make anything but I don't take hospital call or admissions, go to the hospital, work late or see the number of patients per week that a primary care person making $200,000 sees.

Provider salaries will be lower as MD/DO primary care physicians are replaced by NPs and PAs.
I highly doubt healthcare costs will drop as that happens!!

Mamatha Agrawal, MD
Family Doctor CaryNC
Cary, NC
Live in Raleigh, NC
Solo since 2012
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Sent: 10-29-2017 10:39
From: Kathy Saradarian
Subject: Doctors earn enough

Would love to hear your guys opinions on this article.   Unfortunately, I see no way to comment on this but comments it needs!

The problem of doctors' salaries

Kathleen Saradarian, MD
Branchville, NJ

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