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 From: Melissa Weakland
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 Posted: 10-19-2017 06:02
 Message: Seems many IMPs in IPAs. Still doesn't seem the norm out here in WA. I think there is only one by us that I could participate in if I chose but when I queried them I got no response. Is anyone beside Gwen Hanson in one out here?

And last I heard from Gwen a few years ago, hers didn't do anything to help her now but she joined thinking it will help her in the future. If you see this Gwen I'm interested in an update.

I'm curious for all those in IPAs, did you seek them out or did they approach you?

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Most of my Medicare patients are in Medicare Advantage plans where the quality measures are more straightforward and there is no MU/ACI requirement.  I have less than 100 straight Medicare patients so I'm exempt from the penalties. 

Nationwide, patients are apparently shifting to the Medicare Advantage plans, particularly where there is no additional monthly premium.  Even for patients with Medicaid plus a spend-down MA is a good idea.

If there are opportunities to participate in an MA plan, the IMP model works quite well, particularly if risk-based or shared savings contracts are available.  I was not able to access these as an individual but through an IPA.  In these situations anyone with more than 100 patients is in a reasonable position to make money.  Some IPAs will cover the downside for the initial 1-2 years until the panel gets big enough.


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