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   RE: Welcome, please Introduce Yourself!
 From: Amanda Harris
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 08-07-2017 20:35
 Message: Hi. I am a super lurker here, but a paying member, so I don't feel too creepy about it.

I do not run an IMP and never have, but I hope to one day. I'm actually employed in Correctional Health at the moment and the work is compelling enough to keep me there for a while.

I joined this group because I fully embrace the philosophy of the low overhead, high value, relationship-based medicine that has such potential to make such a big difference in people's lives (not just patients, but doctors, too).

When I first found you all, I was just leaving residency and was going to do the unspeakable and hang a shingle on my own or with a colleague or two, but I got distracted. I was exploring DPC options, having been demoralized by billing and insurance. I still think an IMP is the answer to all my questions, but the stars are not aligned just yet. I thoroughly enjoy all your commentaries, and read them avidly. I continue to be horrified by insurance and the mess we are in nationally and am glad I'm not trying to find my way through all those acronyms you who take insurance are struggling with.

I have a letter that I found in a yard sale hanging on the wall of my kitchen. It was written in 1905 and is penned by a dairy farmer to her doctor asking if he will accept a quart of milk per day until her debt to him is paid. I look at it every day. Someday I want to be the doctor who would happily be paid in milk.

Amanda Harris, MD, MPH
Correctional Health Services
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Sent: 12-13-2016 14:24
From: Eric Lee
Subject: Welcome, please Introduce Yourself!

If you are new to IMP, or just new to IMPCenter, or wanting to say hi to old friends after a long period of lurking, this is the place.  Please tell us about yourself, your practice, and how you found IMP.

Eric Lee MD

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