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   RE: Welcome, please Introduce Yourself!
 From: Andy Zelinski
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 06-02-2017 19:44
 Message: Hello,

I technically am breaking rules because I am not the doc, I am the business partner. If that is unacceptable,  please accept my apology and I will delete my account. But I do love this concept, and indeed think there needs to be more of this in the country.

Our model is a bit different. My doc and I are co-founders of the practice -- I handle operations.. I eliminate admin burden from doc so he can just practice. We run lean like a startup (my background) and are growing like crazy. I would love to share thoughts


Andy Zelinski
Tucson AZ
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Sent: 12-13-2016 14:24
From: Eric Lee
Subject: Welcome, please Introduce Yourself!

If you are new to IMP, or just new to IMPCenter, or wanting to say hi to old friends after a long period of lurking, this is the place.  Please tell us about yourself, your practice, and how you found IMP.

Eric Lee MD

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