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   RE: logistics for starting a new practice
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 Posted: 09-06-2017 00:30
 Message: Hi, I'm waiting for them to activate my email/ password combo but wanted to pass along our blog post with the steps for starting a practice:

Steps To Start a Medical Practice
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Steps To Start a Medical Practice
Anywhere from three months to a year. The first step is deciding to go solo. We know of some colleagues who have been "deciding" to go solo the last two years. Their job may not be intolerable but not great, so there's no huge impetus to push you to go solo.
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Definitely do your own billing, collect all patient responsibilities upfront at the time of service after verification with your practice management system!

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Sent: 01-03-2017 23:42
From: IMP Guest
Subject: logistics for starting a new practice

Hello all,

Any advice for logistics in starting a new primary care practice (in Colorado)? I was referred to your group a few years ago by another NP.

How long does credentialing take (most of my patients are Medicaid)? I am assuming I need to start credentialing once I have a physical space-is this correct? Are virtual offices a good idea-and will I have issues with credentialing if I use a virtual office? Do you bill yourself (or hire a biller)? 

I also wanted to thank the group for your inclusivity, as we all want to provide excellent care to our patients.

Marie Amina Aryan, NP-C (aka "Guest" for this week)

IMP Guest

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