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   RE: please provide companies you work with
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 Posted: 06-16-2017 13:16
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Does anyone use a mailbox provided by UPS or USPS, or even a fancier mail scanning (and user-controlled shredding) + forwarding, instead of sending mails to the office address?

I've heard from someone on this forum saying that a mailbox has a benefit that it stays the same even when you move office. And many insurance billing companies can't change your address quickly. Is it really the case?

I'm thinking if I lease my office for 5 years, I'm not sure about the benefit of having a separate mailbox. Perhaps there is, but am I missing something?

Please advise.-------------------------------------------
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From: Jean Antonucci
Subject: please provide companies you work with

Thank you Cindiyes Vista print for cards and magnets every new patient gets a refrigerator magnet this has been really helpful to me also I use Weebly for my website the website lets me do a visit in this makes me an extra thousand or $1500 a year

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