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   RE: When your out-of-pocket patient uses Medicaid to pay for prescriptions
 From: Elizabeth Weeks
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 12-15-2017 09:13
 Message: Medicare and Medicaid offer the option for physicians to "enroll" but only to the degree that they will cover prescriptions, referrals, and orders made by you despite you still being considered a non-participating professional. This sort of partial enrollment is the only way I know of for these patients to get their prescriptions filled when written by a doc who doesn't take insurance. There is an application for Medicaid and a separate application for Medicare though both applications are referred to as "Enrollment for Eligible Ordering, Certifying and Prescribing Physicians, and Other Eligible Professionals".

Elizabeth Weeks
Apple Tree Medicine, PLLC
Williamsburg VA
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Sent: 12-14-2017 23:49
From: Ann-Marie Anderson
Subject: When your out-of-pocket patient uses Medicaid to pay for prescriptions

Hello all,
How do you address the issue where an out-of-pocket patient in a cash-only practice seeks to pay for prescriptions with Medicaid?  Today, I was called by the pharmacist who informed me that Medicaid will not pay for my patient's prescription because I am not enrolled with Medicaid. Has anyone ever experienced this situation?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Ann-Marie Anderson

Ann-Marie Anderson
Psychiatric Momentum LLC
Bethesda MD

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