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   RE: Any free EHR out there?
 From: Milton Stern
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 03-07-2018 20:01
 Message: Besides Practice Fusion that is going to a Paid model in June, I am aware of:

  1. OneTouch EMR - Free -
  2. talkEHR - Free -
  3. OpenEMR - Free - - System is not hosted by an outside company. It is installed on the local system, or on your network.
I have not made a side by side comparison as of yet.

I also am on Practice Fusion, including their ePrescribing with ECPS.
So, I also need to evaluate a new vendor for ePrescribing.

The above 3 EHR/EMR choices do have ePrescribing. From the websites, the ePrescribing functionality seems to read:
  1. OneTouch EMR - Free -
    Has free BASIC eRx, "advanced" is with charge
  2. talkEHR - Free -
    Electronic Prescription - Free *Charges may apply for EPCS
  3. Three known options for e-prescribing in OpenEMR.
    - Newcrop, a subscription service, is well integrated into OpenEMR.
    - Allscripts is quite good and requires no fees.
    - Weno Exchange is well integrated and requires no fees.
    (NOTE: 1. Needs some manual integration to get running.
                   2. Controlled Prescription component may require PAID subscription)
Other ePrescribing alternative I found are:
  1. - OfficeAlly
  2. - Dr. First
  3. - Allscripts ePrescribe

But at this point, I don't know of their EPCS functionaity, nor cost.

I hope to make a side by side spreadsheet at some time in the future, and share.
If anybody has some "free" time we can make a shared spreadsheet (Google Sheets? or Excel Online?), and make it a group effort.

Thoughts / Recommendations?

Milton (Moshe) Stern, M.D.
Staten Island, New York
He [Hillel] used to say: If I am not for myself, who is for me?
And if I am only for myself, what am I?
If not now when? (Avot 1:14)
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Subject: Any free EHR out there?

This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous I have been using Practice fusion for the past 10 years for free. Happy w it but now they want to charge $99/m. I am semi retired from my practice and see about 5 pts a week. Mostly doing acupuncture, cash based practice. Do not do Meaningful use, do not write many rx or labs. Maybe go back to paper? I can use Office ally for scheduling which I think is free

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