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   RE: editor needed
 From: Peter Liepmann
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 02-24-2018 16:41
 Message: Jean, I'd be happy to take a look. Does the committee have any guidelines or requirements? IMO we could borrow from the AAFP proposal.

Peter Liepmann MD FAAFP MBA
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Sent: 02-19-2018 08:29
From: Jean Antonucci
Subject: editor needed

Hi As many of you remember I have been working on this  proposal for  a simple capitated plan using HYH etc etc to the Physician Technical Advisory Committee. A few IMPS have helped with it THANK YOU
I  waited and waited to have a grant wrier  look at it She  made it look better and cleaned it up and  then said to my enormous dismay  sorry  still too busy needs a rewrite,find someone to help you. Does not  say why other than make it objective and take out the I and we  so much  For petes sake I do not  know what it needs How to get heard?? Please there must be some resource through IMP that knows how to write and what a proposal  should look like I need this DONE SOON
 ANYONE?I ts 20pages or less I mean its not that much..)

Jean Antonucci

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