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   RE: Welcome, please Introduce Yourself!
 From: Ann-Marie Anderson
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 11-04-2017 11:16
 Message: Hello all,
I have been a member of this forum since July 2017. Sorry for my late introduction! I am a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner who just decided to open a small solo practice in Maryland. I decided to do this after 16 years as an employed Nurse Practitioner. I must confess that establishing the business has been much more tedious than anticipated. Nevertheless, I have been persevering and just saw my first patient last week.

Just to tell you a bit more about me, I am also a lawyer (only do pro bono work) and I have certification in Health Care Compliance. This has burdened me with the knowledge of the regulations that govern healthcare. So much so, that I have decided not to take any form of health insurance.

I am passionate about psychiatry and the transformative effect of good care within a well-forged therapeutic relationship.

Ann-Marie Anderson BC-CRNP-PMH, CHC

Ann-Marie Anderson
Psychiatric Momentum LLC
Bethesda MD
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Sent: 12-13-2016 14:24
From: Eric Lee
Subject: Welcome, please Introduce Yourself!

If you are new to IMP, or just new to IMPCenter, or wanting to say hi to old friends after a long period of lurking, this is the place.  Please tell us about yourself, your practice, and how you found IMP.

Eric Lee MD

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