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   RE: please provide companies you work with
 From: Jean Antonucci
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 03-25-2017 08:50
 Message: Thank you Cindiyes Vista print for cards and magnets every new patient gets a refrigerator magnet this has been really helpful to me also I use Weebly for my website the website lets me do a visit in this makes me an extra thousand or $1500 a year

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lab companies: Quest &TrueHealth
medical supplies - not placed my 1st order yet. Still researching $ but looks like Amazon & Quick Medical has the cheapest $, AmandaMeds for Med.s
office supplies if smaller or mail order - Amazon
malpractice companies: Covery--gave me a policy 1/3 <10hrs patient contact hrs. to start up
EMR - Meditouch
phone system - my cell phone
credit card service - Merchant Exchange best $
fax system - my EMR
website -
business cards - Vista Print

Cindi Croft
New Dimensions Family Care
Bradford NH

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