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   RE: going direct pay - I think
 From: Jean Antonucci
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 02-28-2018 08:12
Yes Elizabeth doctors are like patients-one hears the negatives.
Many  small practices are doing fine.
States vary
Peds is tough I thought becasue well here in MAine anyway soomany  kids are on medicaid which is often low paying

So keep your overhead low-- vaccines will be a huge problem  in terms of time and money; and just do the math  I am doing ok
 I make more money every yr but of course my own health insurance eats it up sadly
 I encourage others on  the list serv to write in now saying they are doing ok
If you have a working spouse you  have it made IMO   The first yrsmay be  tight

Ask us specifics.
Also do be a paying member of imp for at least  a couple of yrs It will save you lots of money  Ther eis JOhn Brady's business plan somewhere on the website and lots of other good stuff.Of course you can do this  Keep your space small and staff minimal are the biggest things Choose a functional cheap EMR  .Do not do your own billing- people will tell you to and give good reasons Those that do are unhappier.


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I am about to start a solo peds practice and this discussion is a little disheartening... Any IMP peds out there that are making a go of it either DPC or insurance based?

Elizabeth Bird, MD
Chester CT

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