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   RE: Faxing
 From: Heather Brislen
 To: Member Forum
 Posted: 11-14-2017 11:55
Hi Ann-Marie -- 

Have you looked into Doximity?  

They have a free e-fax number for you when you sign up, and incoming and outgoing faxing are easy and encrypted to HIPPA standards.  I don't know if there are volume limits, but I've been really happy with them. 

Heather Brislen, MD, FACP 
Lagom Health 
tele 505.433.7745
fax 505.265.5199

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I am in the process of selecting an electronic faxing service provider for my practice. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good service provider? Any experience with Efax?


Ann-Marie Anderson
Psychiatric Momentum LLC
Bethesda MD

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